ORTHO-K Overnight Contact Lenses

What is Ortho-K?

Ortho-K (Orthokeratology) are ‘sleep-in’ lenses. The Ortho-K lenses reshape the front of your eye (cornea) while you sleep. After using the lenses your cornea can retain it’s corrected shape over the day. This allows you to have clear vision without the need of glasses or contact lenses.

Ortho-K is a great option for young children, teenagers and adults wanting to live an active lifestyle.

• Ortho-K can slow and even prevent the progression of myopia (shortsightedness) in children.

• No daily wear means no need to worry about damaging contacts or glasses through everyday life.

• It’s completely reversible. The cornea is elastic and will bounce back to shape. This means spectacles or surgery are options for the future.

• Less wear helps eliminate dry or irritable eyes that can come from wearing contacts throughout the day.

How does it work?

The lenses gently reshape your cornea as you sleep. This reshaping is achieved by tear fluid around the lenses that work to reshape the front of your eye.

An explanation:

Think of Ortho-K like wearing a ring on your finger. After wearing a ring for a long period of time the tissue under your skin will have adjusted to the shape of the ring. However, if you take your ring off again after a while the skin returns to normal - exactly how it was previously.

The cornea is made up of a very soft layer of cells that are on top of a strong layer of harder to move cells. The Ortho-K uses tears behind the lens to push the softer top layer of cells into shape. The cells then retain this shape over the day. As the contacts are worn consistently the cornea becomes better at holding to the right shape. However, if the lenses aren’t worn for a while the shape of the cornea will eventually return to how it was.

Did you know: To give the best outcomes we offer a range of Ortho-K lens designs from leading manufacturers.

What to expect

An initial assessment determines the compatibility between your cornea and Ortho-K contact lenses. Measurements are obtained to determine which lenses will be best suited to you. These measurements will tell your optometrist the right information as to how appropriate Ortho-K will be for you.

Fitting & Follow Up Consultations

Once it is decided that Ortho-K is the option you want to go ahead with, we offer a package set of appointments. The package includes lens fittings and trial, teaching how to handle contact lenses, reviews of how your vision is improving and how the topography (digital mapping of the eye) is changing; all to monitor progress.

Contact lenses and consultations up to the 6 month review are included in our bulk fee option.

After the initial fitting period, regular six monthly reviews are recommended.


How do I use them?

Wearing Schedule Ortho-K lenses are worn at night while you sleep. This enables a full day of clear vision without the need for spectacles or contact lenses.

Initially the lenses take a few nights of wear to achieve the full effect, and a few weeks for the effect on the cornea to stabilise.

After initial adaptation to the lens some people find they can have a night off occasionally and still maintain vision.

Ortho-K lenses are a safe option for children.
Young eyes easily adapt to wearing contact lenses. Your optometrist can discuss ways to maximise the safety and success of Ortho-K for your child


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