What is MiSight™?

MiSight™ are soft daily disposable contact lenses. They are specifically designed to help slow myopia progression and allow for clear vision. The contact lenses are designed with ActivControl™ Technology to create separate zones within the lenses. The zones target individual aspects of the eye, specific zones correct and clear your vision and other zones optically treat and help to slow myopic eye growth.

The safest way to wear contact lenses. With soft daily disposable contact lenses there is no need for cleaning or disinfecting, which makes for easier handling - a big advantage for children.

A daily disposable lens can also reduce the occurrence of eye infections that can increase with contact lens wear

How does it work?

Separate areas within the lens are designed to give you clear vision and reduce myopic  progression.

Diagram: MiSight™ Lens in action The contact lenses are designed with ActivControl™  Technology to seperate areas within the lens - zones that correct vison to make it clearer and zones to give optical treatment to help slow myopic eye growth and therefore myopia progression.




Did you know: Young children are known to have a good safety profile with soft contact lenses.

What to expect

To wear contact lenses, a series of appointments is needed. In an initial consultation your Optometrist will assess the eye and extent of myopia to determine if MiSight™ lenses are the best option for you.

Your optometrist will schedule appointments to fit the lenses, teach you how to put them in and take them out and follow-ups.

Follow up appointments every three to six months for the first year will be scheduled to review both the effect of treatment and the stability of the myopia.

Children may be aware of a slight shadowing of images when first wearing MiSight™ lenses with ActivControl™ technology, most of those fitted reported the shadowing decreases over the first week of wear.

How do I use them?

The lenses should ideally be worn each day for the majority of waking hours. When you’re not wearing the contact lenses you will need to use glasses to have clear vision. The lenses should continue to be worn as long as they’re comfortable, until the risk of progression is reduced, myopia stability is achieved or another myopia control method is preferred.

What happens if I stop wearing the contact lenses? Myopia may progress again. Alternative methods of myopia control should be considered if you’re having trouble or difficulty with MiSight™ contact lenses.

Not all Optometrists can prescribe MiSight™ contact lenses - it is only available to selected and accredited optometrists.

Matthews Optometrists are the only independent group of practices in New Zealand to have access to this advanced technology.


Ask about Misight at your next appointment.

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