Good habits = healthy eyes.... particularly when it comes to contact lenses. Whether you’re new to contact lenses or have been wearing them for a while, below are some helpful tips to maintain safe, comfortable and healthy contact lens wear


DO stick to the wearing schedule prescribed by your optometrist and replace your contact
lenses as directed

DO clean, rinse, and disinfect your contact lenses with fresh solution each time you
remove them. Always remember to use fresh solution. Do not” top-up”what’s already in the case

DO remove your lenses and consult your optometrist immediately if your eyes become
red, irritated, or your vision changes suddenly

DO empty and rinse your lens case, after use, with fresh solution and allow the lens case to
air dry. Change your case every 1-3 months

DO always handle your lenses with clean, dry hands. Wash, rinse, and dry your hands
thoroughly with a lint-free towel before touching your lenses

DO insert your contact lenses before applying makeup and remove your lenses before
washing off makeup. Use any moisturising products after you have handled your contact

DO have a pair of current spectacles to use in case you cannot wear your contact lenses

DO have a pair of good sunglasses to protect your eyes and eyelids from the sun’s harmful


DON’T "stretch" your lens wear beyond its intended use. Never wear daily disposable
lenses longer than one day. Never wear your lenses beyond what your optometrist

DON’T use saliva, tap water, or anything other than fresh contact lens solutions for
lubricating, rewetting, and/or cleaning your lenses

DON’T let the tip of solution bottles touch other surfaces – including your fingers, eyes or
contact lenses

DON’T share your contact lenses with others

DON’T be stingy with your lens solution and try to reuse solution. Always use fresh
solution to rinse, clean, and store your lenses

DON’T expose your contact lenses to any kind of water; it can lead to eye infection and even vision loss

DON’T change the brand of contact lens solution unless recommended by your
optometrist. Not all solutions are the same.

DON'T wear your contacts when you're sick

DON’T sleep or nap in your contact unless prescribed & monitored by your optometrist