“Low Vision” is sight loss or reduced vision that cannot be corrected by glasses, medicine or surgery

Low Vision Clinics

Many people at some time in their life will experience problems with their vision – sometimes temporary, sometimes mild, but sometimes also permanent. “Low Vision” is sight loss or reduced vision that cannot be corrected by glasses, medicine or surgery; and makes everyday tasks difficult.

Matthews wants to ensure individuals affected by low vision are looked after, so they can maximise their remaining vision. We want to work with you, your family, your ophthalmologist, your GP, and if applicable, your current optometrist; to give you the best visual outcomes.

We’ve partnered with the Blind Foundation to provide free Low Vision Clinics in Auckland (Ponsonby, Epsom and the CBD), Kapiti, Nelson, Richmond, Motueka and Blenheim. This is part of a National trial, with a hope that we can build a sustainable long-term model for providing support for those with Low Vision of all ages.

Your appointment will be done by an expert in Low Vision Care, who will assess you and provide advice about glare, magnifiers, lighting and other strategies to help you continue to do the things you enjoy.


The Low Vision Clinic is run by the Blind Foundation with support from Matthews Eyewear Eyecare.

You’ll need a recent eye examination

You will need to have had an eye Examination in the last 12 months and you’ll need your Optometrist or Ophthalmologist to provide A referral note stating your eye health status, and refraction/vision relating to your last consultation.

If you haven’t had an Eye Examination within 12 months you need to book in with your optometrist or if you don’t have one, the Optometrist of your choice. The Low Vision Consultation is free and lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. If you need an eye exam prior to your Low Vision consultation the cost of that to you is your optometrists’ normal charges.

Blind Foundation Low Vision Trial Research

The clinic is part of a National Trial and you are asked to agree to a researcher contacting you before and after your Low Vision Consultation.

Purchasing Low Vision Aids

During your consultation it may be recommended that you purchase or acquire equipment that may provide a better vision solution such as magnifiers or appropriate lighting. Some of the solutions are available for you to purchase at your consultation. Eftpos is available to you should you wish to purchase any magnifying aids that are recommended.
Proceeds from sales are used to fund & improve the Low Vision Service.

How Will I Cope?

We're here to help.

Did  you know that the Blind Foundation is New Zealand's main provider of practical vision rehabilitation and emotional support for Kiwis who are blind or have low vision?

The Blind Foundation services include:

  • Day to day living techniques
  • Counselling and support
  • Help accessing information and technology
  • Employment readiness

If Matthew's health specialist has decided to refer you to the Blind Foundation, they will be in touch promptly once they have received your information. In the meantime, feel free to contact the Blind Foundation directly to find out more about what they can offer. Call 0800 24 33 33 or email

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