Expect the best

A growing affiliation of independent Matthews Optometrist practices are located throughout New Zealand. 

Enjoy standards of professional personal eyecare that will ensure your vision functions effortlessly at its very best. Explore our exciting range of optical and sunglass eyewear designed to lift the statement about who you are to new levels of artistic expression.

And remember, with our fantastic Poppets selection of children’s eyewear, we haven’t for a moment left the little ones out of the frame.



CEO: Philip Matthews BSc Dip.Opt
Managing Director: Miles Clifford
Chief Financial Officer: Clark Avery

74 Vickerman Street, Nelson 7010
Postal Address:  PO Box 1414, 7040
Phone: 03 548 2301 | Fax: 03 548 2308
Email: michele@matthews.co.nz

Administration / Accounting: Michele Reardon, Conny Zlamala & Stephanie White
HR: Michelle Diez & John Grills
Marketing Manager: Miles Clifford
IT Manager & Online Marketing: Steve Forbes Moody
Merchandising Manager: Sue Martin

We encourage you to call in and experience our dedicated, unrivalled expertise and service.